Thursday, 4 July 2013

Perceptions "The Book"

P.S to my last blog, it’s worth mentioning that another author is published under the name of Christine Smith, a good reason for not using my own name.!!!

Perceptions is part 1 of 2 (I can’t find the Roman numerals,)

It tells the story of a women journey through her mid-life crisis. The one person Sally thought she could depend on was her husband Brian, but this proves not to be the case.
Sally and Brian have been married for thirty-one years and together raised their three children. For the past twenty years the family had been reasonably happy with their lives in Portugal and for fifteen of those years. Sally and Brian were very successful restaurateurs. Once the children became adults all three of them moved back to England to develop their own careers. Missing her children Sally became more reflective and the pains of her own childhood began to torment her. She had never had a close relationship with her Mother or her twin sisters’, more than fifteen years had gone by with out any contact with either of them making it difficult to confront her mother or to ask for support. Searching for the roots to her own unhappiness, she wonders if it’s connected to the fact that she doesn’t know who her father is. To find out this information she first has to over come her own emotional obstacles and build bridges with her mother.

Perceptions focuses on the first part of the story, which is more about the break down of her marriage; she had always perceived Brain to be a supportive man but when their younger son Ryan reveals that he’s gay it just more than Brian can cope with. Brian feels betrayed by Sally and hurt by his son. Things reach breaking point when Sally finds Brian in the arms of Judith. She returns to England to be with her children. Now that she’s no longer working she has time to get to know others and to listen to their stories, which gives a glimpse into other peoples lives and their suffering giving Sally the confidence and courage to go forward.  

Enlightenment , This is the second part of the journey, which gives greater emphasis on her parents and how her relationship with them develops; not forgetting what happens to Brain along the way and the rest of the family.

Both parts have stories of others woven into the main story line, which I hope adds interest and maybe a tear or two.

The Plan

Perceptions with be on Amazon is September; I will give you all the sites and details closer to the date.

Enlightenment is still being worked on.  Then it needs to be edited and checked. The front cover is with the artist as I write these works (hopefully) so a way to go yet, all being well it will be out by November. 

Happy reading xxx


  1. Both books sound great! You've certainly given us lots to think about... you spelled Brian as Brain by the way lol!! he he he

  2. Freudian slip, it how I'm feeling at the moment Brian dead...whoops brain dead. does it get any better once I'm on book six?

  3. Good luck with your release. First books are so exciting, and I like your premise.

  4. Your books sound like tear jerkers for sure, I really like the premise too. :)

  5. Welcome to the world of Indie authors. Good to have you aboard. There is nothing exciting than having all that work of a new book be seen by others for the first time. Good luck, and may you have lots of sales.

  6. Congrats on stepping out in the world of indie publishing. I'm sure you'll enjoy the journey. Interesting story concept.



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