Friday, 17 July 2015

First Book Tour

The Other Side of Town just had it's first book tour.

A BIG thanks to everyone who reviewed my book this week or took part in the tour for The Other side of Town. I was so taken back with the kind words regarding the content of the story... Another 5 stars, wow!!

However it appears that the cover is not very popular with people. I loved it when I first saw it, because of the sad eyes of the women on the front. I guess it spoke to me in some way. I hope the cover doesn't put people off reading it. I will have to be mindful of that in the future, although it's difficult to please everyone and get it right. Opinion is a strange thing, but I'm always happy for constructive criticism, it helps us learn and grow.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Duvet Day

Now, if Sally would come out from under her duvet and mentally move on from her estranged husband, rather than tormenting herself with the past, she might find that she has a very bright future.

Grief is a funny thing it pulls up all sorts of emotions . So may be I shouldn't be so harsh with her, when all she wants to do is drink wine and eat chocolate. Her daughter Zoe the psychologist in the family has some ideas to help. Once Sally embraces the idea she finds a passion to write.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Uncle Shaun helps out

Today was about Sally reflecting back on the day she visited with her uncle Shaun.
He went into some detail about her fathers early life and career as a photographer and she knows he's alive and well, but will he want to see her or want her in his life.

She has his name, his address and telephone number, all she has to do now is find the courage. Feeling she needs family support she's decided to share her news with the family before writing to him.

Reflections in the making

Hi Everyone I've been in procrastination mode for too long. I've promised myself to make more effort with my blog and through I might just walk us through the process of my new Book Reflections. My aim is too give a regular update of the story line as it unfolds in the hope that you might enjoy my thinking around the characters and that I might stay focused. 
This week I dusted off the computer and got back to Sally, the heroine in my next book, Reflections. Yesterday I thought she had a soft spot for Roland Leriche, the interpol agent, whose reopening the case of a stolen painting. She's still trying to deal with her fathers death and doing a fair bit of "Reflection" but when Roland knocks on the door her heart skips a beat. I wouldn't call this book a romantic novel but theres always room for a little flirting, once they've solved the mystery and once Sally moves on from her need to write everything down. Her need to document everything about her family is the way she copes with her emotions, during a difficult time in her life. The stories and family skeletons have already come out of the closet but her reflective writing shares the stories with us. 
At the moment it's till a bit of a mystery even to me, so lets see where the story takes us.

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