Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dolly had a sleep over

Occasionally I go fishing with Chris for the day, I sit and read or shop, whilst he terrorises the inhabitants of the sea with his fishing mates, on this trip it was Graham...his usual fishing buddy. Although it was only a local trip we decided it would be good fun to take Dolly on a sleep over, that way we continue to get to familiarise ourselves with her and we get to invite friends for breakfast...Great plan, all arranged during afternoon tea a few days earlier.
Everything planned and in place the day went great. We had a lovely evening walking through the town of Praia da  Rocha. It was such a contrast from the summer months, there was hardly anyone around, many of the restaurants and bars were closed for the winter and those that were open looked rather empty, and yet there was a magical feel to the area with all the lights glowing and twinkling...very Christmasy. Situated on an upper level, overlooking the street was a Chinnese restaurant, very inviting with all the red lights and lanterns glistening in the dark. It was a great choice, the food was good, the decor amazing and as a bonus it was empty...I love a bit of solitude from crowds.

We left Dolly parked at the campsite, she looked comfortable around other campers although a little intimidated and small next to her neighbour, a great big RV camper, all singing and dancing with it Christmas lights and wide sides. I'm sure I heard her sigh as we left her.  Goodness knows what tricks she learnt, whilst we were taking in the sites. On our return we were unable to get the gas fire going. Thankfully it wasn't too cold and we have five season sleeping bags from our camping days. We had an early start for the fishing, so the chilly atmosphere didn't trouble us too much. I think Dolly was playing up because we left her...we've made up now and she has a new battery for the ignition switch.

Plans made over afternoon tea and biscuits. Dolly loves to have company.

 Dolly was having a sleep over to make new friends...I think she missed us.

 I don't think these photos did the place justice but you can see how empty it is. As we walked further into the town the lights seemed so much brighter...Think I missed a photo opportunity.

 Cooked breakfast and they were away.

 We all managed a little time to do what we enjoy most. Of course my friend Susanne Wilson loves to sing so we had a little music on and she managed to close her eyes for a while.

 First catch of the day was to Chris but on form as usual Graham caught largest fish by a short tail.

Hope you will continue to join us for more adventures with Dolly. The next will be, what's Dolly doing the week leading up to Christmas.


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