Thursday, 21 January 2016

Dolly's first day on the west coast of Portugal.

Dolly is our perfect travelling companion these days, as we have a habit of going off without plans.

We once arrived in Denver Colorado USA, with our baggage and a car booked, that was it. We climbed into the car and then decided to go to Canada, we had a fantastic seven week trip. On another occasion we drove to the Channel Tunnel, boarded the shuttle, came out the other side and got the map out. On that occasion we ended up spending 2 months in France and a further 3 months in Spain. In those days we would just throw a tent into the back of the car and sleep under canvas, that was before arthritis moved in. The tent had to go, but the bug never left. After 10 years of being grown up we found Dolly, a great compromise and we love her.

True to form we set off towards Sagres, lots of history there and a castle/fort, but I'd promised this trip was not going to be focused on history. It was to be about the natural beauty that surrounds us. We had a great afternoon and evening. Maybe it's because we've visit the area many times but for some reason I didn't take one photo. 

However I made up for it when we reached Porto Covo. I just love this time of year when your able to visit an area, without the crowds of holiday makers who take over during the summer. Of course tourism is a very important part of the Portuguese economy so we wouldn't want that to diminish in anyway, however selfishly I love the beauty and tranquility without too many people around. 

Just take a little look at what I'm talking about, I get transported in my mind to a time when life was simple and unspoilt by the modern world. Call me a dreamer if you will, but it is so much more relaxing than hustle and bustle.

Can you imagine your holiday with empty beaches, shopping without crowds. Just a quite cafe to drink coffee or large glass of wine... if you prefer and your kindle in your bag at the ready. Choose your read for the day and just unwind... my idea of heaven. 

At the end of the day have another large glass of your preferred tipple and watch the sun go down, what could be better.


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