Friday, 27 March 2015

Lessons learnt.

This week has been manic, first excitement when Suzy Turner and I spent the day going through every full stop on the manuscript in preparation the publish on Kindle. Then anticipation when I pressed the send button and had to wait for the book to go live, which it did later that day. Over come with excitement I made the mistake of trying to tell everyone, which I guess was quite a natural thing to do. Then this morning I decided to down load a sample from amazon, and am I glad I did because I saw mistakes that had been corrected looking up at me. Shock and panic struck, all I could think of was the fact that others were going to see an unprepared copy, how sloppy and how unprofessional. Then I thought about the fact that people may have downloaded it, I felt so bad and didn't have a clue what I should do about it. Suzy being my mentor was the first person I contacted but of all days I couldn't get in touch with her, suddenly I had the unrealistic thoughts that hundreds of people could be looking at the book while I was panicking; not true of course. At the time of my panic I had an email from JB Johnson who a book reviewer and promotor, who better to pour my heart out to. I was soon reassured that these things can happen and that it could all be sorted out with a bit of tweaking.  

Once my personal Wonder Women was on board things began to unravel. We unpublished the book and set about finding the error, which seemed to have occurred during the process of copying from open office to the word doc. What we had failed to do was preview after we'd made the changes and switched from one to the other. For me a massive learning curve to check everything, then check and check again. We can't trust just because it looks okay to the eye. These computers have hidden Gremlins and probably some of the Trolls from Suzy Turners YA fantasy books.

Good news it has now been republished and I'm just waiting confirmation. I will check it out again before I get excited and put it on face book.

Happy Days xx


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