Friday, 10 April 2015

party time

Well this was the photo that I chose to use for the launch of Eleanor Smythe. The girl scrubs up Okay. The hardest thing for me to do is to promote myself and my book, it is so much harder than thinking of the story in the first place. So I've decided that I will have to call in the people who know how to do that stuff. Today was another first when I started my twitter page and couldn't work out how to put a tweet on. Now it should make me feel sad that I'm two steps behind the times, but it makes me laugh. When I speak to friends about the struggle I have with all this technical stuff, I'm sure they think it's a bluff, but it is for real and I'm fine once I learn which buttons to press The other problem I have is thinking of what to say about myself, then. Although I'm beginning to feel increasingly comfortable about revealing parts of my life. The photo above was at the beginning of an evening out, when we attended a charity dinner/ dance in aid of the local volunteer fire fighters. Once my dear friends had encouraged me with a glass of wine or two I became quite relaxed and ready to party. Give me a dance floor and music and I'm away into a world of craziness. I know how to enjoy myself that's for sure. I can dance all alone with out anyone around me and I'm not at all self conscious. I dance as if I'm alone with no one looking at me, and I don't tend to worry about what others think. For me dancing frees the soul, a bit tribal really.


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